Day / Date of Meeting           Tuesday 7pm – 17 February 2015


Venue                                    Muirhouse Community Centre

     Draft Agenda


  1. Apologies
  2. Presented discussion notes of Previous Meeting;
  3. Any follow up from previous meeting / Matters Arising
  4. Correspondence
  5. Treasurers Report –
  6. Police Report (if represented)
  7. Action Group Report Back
  8. Local Councillors – open discussion time, with those present
  9. AOCB  – #StrongerNorth
  10. Date of next meeting – 17 March 2015
  11. Close

Support NEArts

North Edinburgh Arts Board present


Aiming to raise £2000 to fund


our messy play project for local 0-5yrs old children and their parents/carers

Friday 6th March 2015

7.00pm  – 10.00pm

£8 per person (includes snacks buffet)

Team Prize for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners

Teams 4-8 persons

Book for you & your team at North Edinburgh Arts box office by Friday 20th February

TEL: 315 2151

EDA Appeal

Muirhouse Community Shop acting as collection point for EDA

Muirhouse Community shop will act as a collection point for the latest Edinburgh Direct Aid appeal, working with EDA in recent months when the shop assisted with the Toys for Gaza appeal the partnership just keeps getting stronger. This new appeal is for winter goods, such as coats, boots, jackets etc and anyone can drop of their donation to the shop 5 days a week.
might want to check opening and closing times.

Day / Date of Meeting Tuesday 7pm – 25 November 2014

Venue Muirhouse Community Centre

Draft Agenda

1. Apologies

2. Presented discussion notes of Previous Meeting;

3. Any follow up from previous meeting / Matters Arising

4. Correspondence

5. Treasurers Report –

6. Police Report (if represented)

7. Action Group Report Back

8. Local Councillors – open discussion time, with those present


10. Date of next meeting – 16 December 2014

11. Close

What you think?


Ashley is a final year Geography student at the University of Edinburgh.

As part of her final years study, she is undertaking research on the regeneration taking place in Muirhouse and WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU!

If you or any other residents you know would be interested in taking part in a small focus group to discuss WHAT YOU THINK about the regeneration going on in your area and the future of Muirhouse, email her for further details at: amcdonald1168@gmail.com

Thank you! Ashley McDonald

Please share it is vitally important for this student that she gets the support of a few residents.

She has booked Muirhouse Millennium Centre on Tuesday the 25th November Between 6.30pm and 8.30pm”

Minute Notes from Muirhouse & Salvesen Community Council Meeting 21.10.2014,
held at MMC 8:15PM (unapproved)

1. Chair proceeded to take meeting forward and thanked attendees.
2. Apologies-Forth Ward Cllrs,Redparth Jackson,Cardownie,Day.CClr B Stevensen
3. Previous minute 2.07.2014 – agreed JD JM
a. Matters arising – still awaiting response form Work Group on reply letter received from TRIM – moved to next meeting
b. Steve Cuthill – JD awaiting response to fencing around the park
c. Awaiting further information from WA re Graigroyston Grove Comm Association
d. RD,JD taking forward of Friends of Linear Park – JD to arrange a meeting
4. This meeting
a. MT raised issue on Street lighting in Craigroyston Grove coming on late/dark –JD gave info how to report
b. MT raised issue around caravans around the grove especially on properties belonging to MHA – RD gave info to report to office and he will follow up at a meeting
c. RD raised issue with refuge bins set on fire regularly in 43-45 Muirhouse Drive. CMc stated will take it up with Partnership
5. Correspondence
a. Letter from NHS Lothian re outcome of Dispensary at 55 Muirhouse Gardens was rejected.
6. Treasurers Report
a. WA still to sign signature application with bank
b. Cheques to MMC rental and My Adventure donation £200.00 dispatched
c. No bank balance statement to hand

8. Chair thanked everyone for their support and closed the meeting Date of next meeting 25.11.2014


These AGM minute notes are published for information only due to details presented by Christine Mackay.

Muirhouse & Salvesen Community Council
21 October 2014 AGM – Muirhouse Millennium Centre (unapproved)
1. The chair welcomed everyone and suggested that the agenda points should changed to allow a longer time discussion with the guest speaker. This was agreed.
2. In Attendance; R Douglas, J Davidson, J Moore, J McGinty, G Davie, PC H Lyon North Team, C Mackay Total Craigroyston manager.
3. Apologies; Cllr’s Jackson, Cardownie, Redpath, Day. B Stevenson
4. Slide presentation; C Mackay
Points presented; what Total Craigroyston are trying to do/highlighting the 2 initiatives the Edinburgh Partnership focused on Families, young families, children.
What the people in the community say; notes from community information gathering – statement in the past local officials not seeing the big picture of the community of the services which is provided as all together. Has taken time to share with departments to see this type of way forward, not just focus on a day to day crisis.
Community aspirations the road map – what is working well in community engagement/what is need to be achieved
Total Craigroyston Model – open to everyone, no stigmatism, get family support in quickly. Courts seem to slow the process down, especially with local issues that are causing frustration in the community at the moment (joy riding)
Going Forth Together/partners
What difference does all this make – before services not joined up, others not wanting to know what others are doing? Better communications
Local comments from local residents and staff – closer working partnership, joined up services. Parents and local people feel more included. Community shop is an asset to the community locating/engaging with people is far from engagement.
Local parent groups in schools.
Awareness of Community plans.
Working towards anything which keep children in school –more local young people achieving a positive destination.
Outcomes so far: s school attainment is improving, rate of exclusions reducing, literacy at P1 is improving
What is still a concern-attendance is below target, the number of families having a housing crisis increased 2013/14,under 16’s offences still the highest in Edinburgh (2013) –behaviour issues ages 3 4 5’s
Going forward – Excellent Universal Services, support to families, building a strong community.

Various comments were discussed around the table. C Mc was thanked for her presentation.

5. Police report;
-ongoing issues with bikers, more police drafted in
-sheds broken into Salvesen and Silverknowes Eastway
-Fireworks campaign – sales to younger people, test cases
-stones thrown at buses , will link up with Total Craigroyton
-Shop Owner at the Pennywell shops wanting to know what is happening with the roof? RD updated on situation from Improving Muirhouse/Pennywell (IMP) meetings
-young offenders cannot get through the system quick enough, children’s reporter.

6. AGM – no minute note taken forward from previous year
7. CCouncil overview 2013-14
-Pennywell and Muirhouse Master Planning & New Health Partnership building. members of the CC becoming involved to raise community aspirations and keep parties to account on promises. Community pay back incentives by developers, not just all talk;
The spend; 21st Century Homes – Pennywell/Muirhosue 36.5 mil, W Pilton Crescent housing 4.0 mil,Nth West Partnership Health Centre 11.1 mil, Muirhouse Housing Association 26.1mil = 77.7 million pounds invested into this community.
-Members attending local Forth Partnership meetings, IMP, NP reps, NHS .reporting back to the CCouncil meetings. Provision notes and advertising.
-Supporting local groups –Centipede project, Community Shop, Formation of Friends of the Park. Local improvements to the area with local Neighbourhoods Grants (NEP)

2014-15 on ward
-Establishing Friends of the Park as a recognised group
-More volunteers attending meetings in the N Partnership networks
-Continue to work with local organisations
-work towards a Neighbourhood Watch
-Maintain what we already have and begin to do it better

8. Financial Report 2013-14
RD presented financial reports of income and expenditure for the period.
Total Income = 781.34
Total Expenditure = 850.03
Interest accum = 0.00
Bank Balance @31.03.14 = 714.69
Accepted and approved by JD JM

9. New member nominations – none received

10. AOCB – none

THIS PART OF THE MEETING CONCLUDED, Chair thanked all contributions

Date of Next AGM 20.10.2015


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