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Tomorrow nights meeting has been cancelled.

Our next scheduled meeting is on

Tuesday 15 September

Happy Summer

Present;  JM, GB, RD, JD. In attendance PC Sparrow, D Pickering

  1. Apologies; Cllrs; Jackson,Day,Redpath,Cordownie CCllrs Stevensen,Adams,Templeton
  2. Previous minute note approved JM,JD
  3. No matters arising from previous minute
  4. Correspondence;

– Proposed Amendments to Disabled Parking Places

–  Granton Improvement Society to invite to June Meeting

– Spokes news letter.

-Letter from Post Office re improvement to providing services to extension to area in 53-55 Muirhouse Gardens. JM concerned re security in confined place mostly for older people feeling insecure.RD will discuss with shop owner and feedback to the CC

– Police Performance report Apr 2014- Dec 2014 – members given to peruse

-Scottish Fire and Rescue Service City of Edinburgh – members given to peruse

  1. Finance – receipt of funding amount £593.00 to fund advertising initiatives – account balance = £1625.68 – Payments due;  MMC £ 55.00 Agreed
  1. Police Report; 240 calls to this area in past month, 6 house break ins reported in the area. Motor vehicle theft on the rise but recovery high,50 outstanding in Edinburgh. House break ins very severe, residents asked to lock valuables up in safe areas of the home. Police Scotland are putting in lots of support to tackle this. JM asked if Police can supply Security Pens – officer to follow up.  JD asked if local Policing/ Officers that are parachuted in are walking around the community with maps to finds streets etc . They have no local knowledge and this is frustrating residents, giving no confidence. Lack of Beat Police Patrols – Police Scotland looking at a reintroducing an Office who is more familiar in the area and regular attendance at Community Councils.  Police Scotland Action Plan can be accessed through the Web from Police Scotland.
  1. Community Leadership College, Dave Pickering presented an information talk on the link with Total Craigroyston their work with Families and children and Muirhouse Link Up. Dave went onto explain the purpose of the Leadership College , bottom up approach to community engagement, listening to the community through Community Conversation Café’s, 8 planned throughout the area, engaging with minority groups, older and younger peoples and feeding the info gathered back to Total Craigroyston.  Report on the work due June/July. Brief discussion re NEN future, Dave commented that he was unsure. Members commented; it will be a loss to the community if not continued and would support any future form.
  1. Action Group Report Backs, RD reported on New Health Hub, delay due to funding from Scottish Government. Next IMP meeting next Week here at MMC.
  2. No local Councillors reports
  3. AOCB # Stronger North – Community Asked for feedback, public asked to attend Focus groups.
  4. Date of Next Meeting 19.05.2015
  5. Close of meeting.


Day / Date of Meeting           Tuesday 19 May 2015 @ 7pm

 Venue                                    Muirhouse Community Centre

 Draft Agenda

  1.  Apologies
  2. Presented discussion notes of Previous Meeting;
  3. Any follow up from previous meeting / Matters Arising
  4. Correspondence
  5. Treasurers Report –
  6. Police Report (if represented)
  7. Action Group Report Back
  8. Local Councillors – open discussion time, with those present
  9. AOCB  –
  10. Date of next meeting – 16 June 2015


Dear Sir/Madam,


Approval of matters specified in Conditions of application 13/01954/PPP – residential development comprising 177 units, landscaping and access. at Regeneration Masterplan Pennywell Muirhouse, Pennywell Road, Edinburgh,



Request For Consultation

The above application was registered with the Council on 10 April 2015.

I would be grateful for your views, in your capacity as a consultee, on this proposal.

Your comments on this proposal should be received by returned within 21 days of the date of this letter.  Details of the application can be viewed on the Planning Portal. If no comments are forthcoming the Council will exercise its powers to determine the application as it stands, on the information provided.  Responses can be e-mailed to the case officer (please attach as a word document).

It is your responsibility to advise the case officer if an extension to the consultation period is required, and agree a revised period for consultation.

You will not be advised of the outcome of the application but you can track its progress via the Portal at the link below.

If you wish to discuss this proposal please contact Lesley Porteous directly on 0131 529 3203 lesley.porteous@edinburgh.gov.uk

This Community Council object to these type of cuts which hit the learning community hard. Follow the link and sign the petition


Projects Update


March  2015


Project: 21 Century Homes – Muirhouse and Pennywell


Phase 1- 193 Homes, 108 for affordable rent and 85 for private sales.

Update: Site works are progressing well despite the bad weather in recent months. The scaffolding has now been dropped on the first terraces for housing for sale and these are due to be turned into show homes which should be available

for viewing in April. The first affordable block on Pennywell Road has the roof almost complete, windows and doors installed and works are progressing internally. The Brick work is starting to rise up the building.  This block is due for completion from July onwards. On the second large affordable block on Pennywell Road, the foundations are complete and works are commencing on building the timber kit frame. In the centre of the site the steel frame has been erected for the affordable block which will eventually look over the central park area.

Sales have been steady and a number of reservations have been made using the Scottish Government ‘Help to Buy Initiative. To date we have 2 Missives concluded, 11 full reservations and 34 Early Bird reservations. The early birds are where the price has not yet been released on a particular plot.

Affordable properties have started to be advertised locally under the ‘coming soon’ campaign to raise awareness for the letting process which will commence later in the year. The North Neighbourhood office has run two drop in sessions for individuals interested in both the social housing and the mid market rent housing coming on the site. They are also dealing with telephone and email enquiries. Anyone interested in the properties should contact the North office or email northteam@edinburgh.gov.uk for a chat on housing options. There has been a good level of interest.

Car parking around the entrance to Phase 1 has been an issue raised by local residents and Urban Union has taken steps to limit the impact of the site on local residents. They are regularly policing the area , have extended the site car parking facilities, and directing overspill cars to park behind the church on Muirhouse Avenue north. If issues are raised they are taking action swiftly but will continue to raise this with all their sub contractors.

As agreed at the last IMP meeting we have recently taken the Phase 2 plans ( the site behind the new Craigroyston

High school) out into the local community to provide information on how these plans have developed. We had two events, one in the library and one in the High School and these were attended by 50 people across both sessions. Comments were generally positive; folk just wanted the new housing delivered.

Health & Safety: Nothing to report
Community Benefits : Urban Union have linked in well with Edinburgh College and have been running a series of workshops and placements for students. Some of these sessions have been introductions to areas that could be progressed into apprentice placements linking in with college intakes. They have also linked with other agencies and been using the site to demonstrate key learning activities in a live setting. They have also been working with Craigroyston High School to develop opportunities for those at school and will continue to develop these areas of engagement. They have been working with the Primary school close to Phase 1 and have developed a series of activities with the children in the school and a smaller group of ‘reporters’ who visit the site regularly and report back to their classmates.

Against the Phase 1 targets they have delivered to date, 10 new entrant positions, 4 apprentice positions and 14 work placements in a variety of settings, including in the Architects and Engineers offices.

The Skillsbank is still being added to and interested parties can drop into the Millennium centre on a Wednesday between 1 and 3 pm run by Community Renewal where details can be taken to register for the Skillsbank or alternatively contact Joined up for Business on 0131-456-3365.

Project Value: c £36.5m
Start Date: 23 June  2014 Estimated Completion Date: The Council houses will be complete by 2020 and the final private houses by 2023.

21 Century Homes – West Pilton Crescent


Update: A Meeting with the residents took place on the 11 February which was well attended. A follow up meeting with the seven households that expressed an interest in the co-operative board will take place on Thursday 16 April. This will help inform co-operative activities and priorities for this development.

A newsletter has gone out to residents, keeping them updated on what is happening within their neighbourhood.


North Neighbourhood – Environment


Update: Grass cutting in Muirhouse area will start in April.

Improvement proposals to replant 1,000 m2 of shrub beds in Muirhouse Millennium Linear Park is being considered along with thinning out of maturing fringe planting around the football pitch and MUGA area.


North West Edinburgh Partnership Centre (NWEPC)


Update: Site start for the main contract to build the partnership centre is still anticipated for April/ May 15. The demolition of the dentist will take place as part of this bigger contract.

Meanwhile, the site is being kept secure and we will provide more information on official start date once this has been confirmed.

Community benefits will be delivered as part of this contract, this will form part of the agenda for a future IMP meeting.

Project Value: £12 m
Start Date: Spring 2015 Estimated Completion Date: Autumn 2016

North Edinburgh Arts


Update: The Scottish Civic Trust Place Awards, the NEA garden has been shortlisted for a 2015 Civic Trust Place Award. The winner is to be announced at a ceremony on the 26th March in the Lighthouse in Glasgow. Full details here: http://www.myplaceawards.org.uk/news.aspx

NWEPC Artist in Residence, Artists Hans Clausen and Lindsay Perth have been appointed, with Hans starting in April and Lindsay on May. 37 Artists applied, with 9 shortlisted and interviewed by the steering group. CVs of both are available from NEA and the steering group will meet again Mid May.

The Centipede Project, linking the Old Kirk & Muirhouse Church with a number of community organisations and managed by NEA, has funds in place to trial community activity for the brownfield sites. Springing from previous consultation and interest from residents an active play space, and small scale community growing beds will be developed on the brownfield site opposite the Church on Pennywell Gardens.

Alongside this further consultation will be carried out through door to door leafleting which will include houses on Muirhouse Avenue, and an open meeting on the 28th April at NEA. Any ideas generated through the trial activities, leafleting and open meeting can be developed and delivered through a partnership of the City of Edinburgh Council, via Steven Cuthill, the Centipede Project, via Natalie Taylor artist in residence.

The trial projects on the brownfields next to Pennywell Gardens will be completed in May 2015, with activity on Muirhouse Avenue to take place over the summer, pending agreement from all partners.

Vacant Shop Units, discussions are ongoing with Jane Williamson at CEC with a view to using two empty shop units to the rear of the shopping centre to be used as artists workshop and exhibition space. This will be on a temporary basis until longer term plans for the units are finalised.


Total Craigroyston


Update: A Social Enterprise Ideas Event took place on 10 March. This asked people locally and from across the city how the to support and develop more social enterprise in North Edinburgh and get the most out of the opportunities that are around through the regeneration work.

With the local Housing and Regeneration team we have met with local private landlords to share with them some of the work that has gone on and begin talking about the role that they can play in this. There is some interest in having a local forum for sharing information with private landlords which will be explored

Lead Officer: Christine Mackay and Tim Packer Contact: tim.packer@edinburgh.gov.uk

0131 529 5056




 Community Engagement
Project Method Location Date
Placemaking – Central Area Drop-in North Edinburgh Arts 2 April 2014
NW Edinburgh Partnership Centre Drop-in North Edinburgh Arts 2 April 2014
21st Century Homes (Muirhouse) Visit Laurieston, Glasgow 16 April 2014
Total Craigroyston Drop-in West Pilton Neighbourhood Centre 29 May 2014
21st Century Homes (Community Benefits) Drop – in Pennywell Shopping Centre 30 May 2014
Opportunity to see inside new council homes opposite Craigroytson Community High School Drop-in West Pilton Crescent 12 September 2014
Regeneration Community Event Conference Edinburgh College – Granton campus 27 September 2014
Phase 2 – 21C homes information event Drop – in Muirhouse Library/ Craigroyston Community High School 10 and 12 March 2015
Regeneration Event Drop – in Muithouse Shopping Centre 27 March 2015

Day / Date of Meeting           Tuesday 7pm – 17 February 2015


Venue                                    Muirhouse Community Centre

     Draft Agenda


  1. Apologies
  2. Presented discussion notes of Previous Meeting;
  3. Any follow up from previous meeting / Matters Arising
  4. Correspondence
  5. Treasurers Report –
  6. Police Report (if represented)
  7. Action Group Report Back
  8. Local Councillors – open discussion time, with those present
  9. AOCB  – #StrongerNorth
  10. Date of next meeting – 17 March 2015
  11. Close

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