Tuesday the 29th October will see the first new meeting of the

Muirhouse & Salvesen Community Council

7:00pm at the Muirhouse Millennium Centre

The agenda will be as follows


1. Welcome and introductions 

2. Apologies

3. Declarations of interest

4. Declaration of election result

5. Appointment of office bearers 

a) Chair

b) Secretary

c) Treasurer

d) Engagement Officer

Please note that at this stage in the meeting, the new chair shall take over the chairing of the meeting.

6. Police Report

7. Councillors report

8. Any other business

9. Date of next meeting

On Friday 1st February, McGill & Co Ltd, who were carrying out work various capital upgrade works on behalf of the Council announced that they were going into administration.

The Council is in the process of assessing all incomplete works left by McGills.  Patch Officers carried out visits yesterday (4th Feb) to all households who were undergoing kitchen and bathroom replacements to update everyone who has been impacted. Information letters with contact details have also been left with each tenant. 

These tenants will all receive a second visit today (Tuesday 5th February) from a technical officer who will assess the work still required and to draft a plan to complete each kitchen and bathroom installation as quickly as possible.

We will continue to keep tenants up to date, however, if you have any questions please contact

8.30am – 5pm

Housing Property – 0131 529 5969 or mobile 07738262933

8.00am – 8.00 pm

Repairs Direct – 0131 200 2345, repairsdirect@edinburgh.gov.uk

Our AGM will be held on:

Tuesday the 18 December 2018

7:00pm Muirhouse Millennium Centre


Help stop the cuts to North Edinburgh 2 other local organisation dis-invested
Pilton Equalities Project and Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre

Our October meeting is on Tuesday 16 October 2018

7:pm @ Muirhouse Millennium Centre

Silverlea Site update; Callum Smith | Senior Construction Project Manager | Housing                                                Development & Regeneration | Housing & Regulatory Services

all local residents invited to come along

Muirhouse & Salvesen Community Council

Minute notes form meeting 16.09.2018 – un approved


  1. Welcome / introductions;

Attendance :  R Douglas, A Ramsay, P Wright A Azad (briefly), Cllr Hutchison, Cllr Young, PC  T Lawrence,  –  L Lothian , A Bailey, D Graham

  1. Apologies; Cllr Laing, A Wright, P Puchan, J McCrae
  2. Previous minute note – prop RD seconded AR
  3. New co opted members onto the Community Council – Local residents A Bailey; nominated by AR seconded RD, L Lothian; nominated by AR seconded RD. Discussion continued on number of co opted member allowed on CC’s. Cllr Young briefed the meeting on this quoting from the CEC web site for C Councils.
  4. Nominations to secretary’s post, none received and it was discussed and approved. A Ramsey chair future meetings and RD will act as secretary until post filled.
  5. Correspondence; latest bank statement and invitation from Granton & District CC to their meeting with Kath Hoyle / Social bite.
  6. Treasurers Report; no spend bank balance as at 09.08.2018 = £ 3589.20. discussion around how CC can use money to assist promotion of the CC and donate small amounts to help local projects. PW suggesting designing a CC own promotional leaflet, AR volunteered to assist. AR spoke on supporting a Community Newspaper, like the previous NEN- Community Action North are currently looking at some type of replacement as it is solely missed by the community especially the older residents who don’t/cant use electronic media. Dave Pickering who blogs the NEN is looking into a form of a new NEN. L L is keen to help get the community involved through Community Renewal.

– Further discussion around up coming Muirhouse Festival 19.09.18 with Community Renewal

  1. Police Report; PC Lawrence updated members on crime figures down, even on motor bikes stolen. Discussion on how people don’t respond to phoning 101 on this. Community Policing Initiatives advising residents on Home Security, lock up your shed securely.

Close working with city tourists /visitors using Caravan Park, to lock up bikes. This seems to be ongoing. Up coming Bone fire Night; Policing visiting local shops and schools highlighting the dangers and what action the Police and Fire services will deal with illegal fire building and shops selling fireworks to underage kids. Community asked to phone the Police if they see or know of such happenings.

A R attended a recent Stronger North meeting and was interested in a project which uses battery powered motor bikes as a preventative way in working with young people who look to joyride.

PC Lawrence thanked for his work with the Community and with engagement young people.

  1. Action Groups feedback:

AR spoke on Living Rent – a motion was recently put forward at full council and Cllr Norrie blocked it. CCls felt this is a let down in the local community he represents. CC members thanked the work Cllr Hutchison has been doing with the High Rise and with initiating the up coming Audit on the state of these flats. (it made National News)

He went onto say that if repairs are not done on time there should be compensation to residents given. Stock transfer maybe needs a broader discussion.

CClr Young spoke of meeting a elderly resident in their home, where they are battling with health issues on their own/loneliness – isolation.

She went onto highlight Proper support Plans addressing this are being taken forward along with administrative changes. Paper will be going to the next Locality Meeting 14.11.  Encouraged the CC to invite George Norval – CEC Housing Operations Manager –RD to follow up.

Reminder – Garden refuse bins collections change to only those who pay –  could lead to more fly tipping in our area.

– Street Lighting repairs, don’t seem to happen. Cllr Hutchison briefed CC that the Council will only respond to repair a light or lights if there are three not working in the area. RD mentioned he has reported a light out beside him which has been reported over a month ago and you don’t get a follow up case number on line anymore. He mentioned in Crammond CC two weeks ago a resident brought a light out in Games Keepers Road and it was attended to the following day. We are coming into winter, DARK NIGHTS Council have a legal responsibility to see all street lights work, it can become a Health and Safety issues blame.

-Community Grants, after explanations of how the future grants will be vetted and handed out , looks a bottom up approach as its now left for the elected members to decide, taken away from the Locality Manager and CCls’

Community Action North – AR feed back of upcoming Training for local people to become more involved in their local communities, board member training; looking at the Greater Pilton Area OR Small North Area; Muirhouse-Pennywell – Pilton – W Pilton and Granton – W Granton – taking strategies forward.

– RD to contact council officer M Fraser re wider regeneration and Community  involvement invite to a future CC meeting.

  1. Close of meeting DONM – 16.10.18 SAME PLACE


Rd Oct 2018











1. Welcome / introductions;
Attendance : R Douglas, A Ramsay, A Azad, Cllr Hutchison, Cllr Lang, PC Hall,
Visitations : L Lothian , /Community renewal and 2 local residents

2. Apologies; Cllr Young, Cllr Work, P Puchan, A & P Wright

3. Minutes form previous meeting; no note was distributed by Azad but a verbally report of the meeting was then for discussion.

4. Correspondence; none received

5. Treasurers report; RD reported no statement was received and only spend was to refund Azad £72:50 assistance for rehomeing new dog. Was motioned and agreed by AR, A&P Wright from previous meeting.
-Steel cabinet to store CC papers / contact addresses – Louise from Community Renewal will find out if it can be stored there.

6. Discussions took place on topics;
• New NW Neighbourhood Partnership – Cllr H and Cllr L updated on new process on NEP projects being delegated to local elected Councillors and taken away from previous decision making by MP Manager Community Council Representatives.
Followed a discussion, upgrading the community recycle bins areas out side High Rise, wasn’t working / need for informing tenants what to put in communal chute/ How can we get a resolution.
Suggestions on fly tipping;
-nominated street where bulky items left out can be collected / empty skips
-free uplifting of bulky goods – Cllrs muted there is a current discussion being had at Council level on this, will report back. Cllrs agreed something had to be done.
-sponsor a local person with dust cart sweeping streets, litter picking. It is already happening can it happen more frequently. Local shops should have obligation to provide bins outside their shops/ take away shops in particular.
-Up coming Community Walk about with Council Staff- Audrey and members of Community Renewal will be attending
• Community Garage – Azad use for residents to pass on and learn from other experienced motor mechanics. Keeping young people involved away from boredom/nothing to do
– to help young people learn about

7. Police report;
– PC Hall presented statistics of crime in the area being marginally lower than records last year( forming of new NPships may have caused change?)
-New crime operations taking place around the city and in the area/ encouraging residents to use crime stoppers to assist Police confront perpetrators/member viewd time wasted trying to call 101
-pedal cycle thefts from sheds –need to be more secure in priced cycles
-issues with young members of the public in local parks/ discussing with local youth organisations – funding is down so very few youth workers are seen in the area.
-20 MPH – members asked for street names where speed checks can be done in the area- Muirhouse Drive, Top of Muirhouse Green , down Pennywell Road and Gardens.
-Stronger North – Police constables using electric power bikes?
– Discussion around 3 Town Motor Project in Addrossan /West Coast – should plan a visit

8. Community Renewal; Louise – updated members on the work they are doing in the area.
-Talking to local people / what they would like changed in their community – forming groups get togethers mostly retired or unemployed people. Have 2 Community Forums which meet in Millennium Centre and Fidra Kitchen
-Can we access proceeds of crime to help lessen the impact of;
Motor bike crime
Young People and Police – respect? Meetings together
P1-P7 seeing rise in nuisance pranks by groups / to the vulnerable in the community.

9. CAN ; Audrey – looking at Priority Action Groups in the area / taking forward issues
CAN have published Community Training events/courses (see web site)
– Invite CAN to a CC meeting before end of the year / Audrey

10. Elected Members;
– Cllr Lang updated on;
-pre application for Silverlea site / CC request presentation to this group / Ward consultations
-Regeneration – 1 property owner owned to progress ,should start seeing work happen behind the shop soon
– Muirhouse Ave upgrades – 100% grant from Scottish Govt / even to house owners no pay back?
– Looking at an initiative that could provide Free Wi Fi to residents of Muirhouse
-Cllr Hutchison updated on;
-Issues with High Rise blocks in the area / flooding / dampness, considering motion to CEC
-Installation of Quantum storage heaters in these flats; not meeting spec requested, only installed last year( comment from local tenant/ tenants over paying on elec tariffs who are mostly living off fixed incomes. Need replaced SMART Efficiency heaters)
– Comment on Silverlea of mixed tenure (comment form CC more of these houses should be for families on low income/CEC tenants. The land and Silverlea was run and belonged to tenants who paid rents. Need more local people living in the area, moved out of unsuitable damp council properties)
-Snack Bar Van Vendor at Pennywell shops/Comment from CC( parks on pavement, restricting access to the entrance to shops./ selling un healthy food close to school, why was it approved?) – Will find out and come back to CC.

11. AOCB;
– Azad – PUBLIC MEETING – 6th Sept 1 PM outside Fidra Court/monies planned for regeneration modernising current council housing stock was pushed back a few more years where as it was needed know. Complain on the state / condition of these flats and not being dealt with properly/fairly / CEC let tenants down
-Complaints from current shop vendors that with new design of shops there is no rear entrance for receiving goods. Need to come through front door? Can it be changed?
-Workers on the building site using customer parking for the shops, pharmacy local residents disable blue badge, cannot get near the shops parking after 9:00am. Suggestion Construction Company should use empty land at rear and force workers to use it/fined. Request local Cllr make investigation?
Next meeting Tuesday 16.09.2018 @ Muirhouse Millennium Centre (confirmed)





Agenda (draft)
1. Welcome / introductions
2. Apologies
3. Minutes of previous meeting
4. Matters arising
6. Treasurers Report
7. Police Report
8. Social Media – CC presence – discussion and update
9. Action Groups Report back
i. Locality Improvement Plan –
ii. IMP meeting
iii. CAN
iv. Granton and District – planning event
10. Local Elected Councillors – updates/report back
11. AOCB
12. Close





Newly accepted nominated Community Councillors ;

Alexandra J Wright
Paul Kelly
Azad Adam
John McCrae
Roy Douglas
Paulina Puchan