Agenda (draft)
1. Welcome / introductions
2. Apologies
3. Minutes of previous meeting
4. Matters arising
6. Treasurers Report
7. Police Report
8. Social Media – CC presence – discussion and update
9. Action Groups Report back
i. Locality Improvement Plan –
ii. IMP meeting
iii. CAN
iv. Granton and District – planning event
10. Local Elected Councillors – updates/report back
11. AOCB
12. Close






Newly accepted nominated Community Councillors ;

Alexandra J Wright
Paul Kelly
Azad Adam
John McCrae
Roy Douglas
Paulina Puchan


Day / Date of Meeting           Tuesday 16.08. 2016 @ 7pm

 Venue                                    Muirhouse Millennium Centre

Draft Agenda

  1.  Welcome / introductions
  2. Apologies
  3. Minute of previous meeting
  4. Up coming Community Council Elections
  5. AGM & Financial Report
  6. Guest Speaker Cllr Redpath – on Council boundary changes
  7. Vote of thanks
  8. Close

26 May 2016
Dear Community Council
Fifth Statutory Reviews of Electoral Arrangements – Final Recommendations
I am writing to inform you that the Local Government Boundary Commission for
Scotland has submitted to Scottish Ministers its Reports and Final
Recommendations, for the number of councillors and the electoral ward boundaries
in each of Scotland’s 32 local authorities.
Copies of our Reports and further information regarding the reviews are available
on our website: http://www.lgbc-scotland.gov.uk/reviews/5th_electoral/.
The reports have been submitted to Scottish Ministers and, for the proviso in
section 17(2) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, the agreed date for
submission will be taken as 26 May 2016. Any comments on the reports should be
made within the 6 week period referred to in section 17(2) of the Act to Scottish
Government, Local Government Policy and Relationship Unit, Directorate for Local
Government and Communities, Area 3J (North), Victoria Quay, Edinburgh EH6 6QQ.
The Commission has issued a News Release, published a Public Notice in the
national and local press throughout Scotland and asked Councils to make copies of
the reports available at display points in their area.
Yours faithfully
Isabel Drummond-Murray

Thistle House, 91 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5HD
Chair: Ronnie Hinds CPFA
Secretary: Isabel Drummond-Murray
established by Parliament to advise Ministers on local government boundaries
phone: 0131 538 7510 email: lgbcs@scottishboundaries.gov.uk
web: http://www.lgbc-scotland.gov.uk
fax: 0131 538 7511

This Community Council reject the City of Edinburgh Councils decision to stop all adult education classes based at Craigroyston High School. The Community Wing housed inside the School was the replacement to the old Craigroyston Community Centre based at the top of Pennywell Road.

The Council promised a New Community Wing would be part of the new school and all the Adult Education would change from the old school to the new.  They said then “this new school will benefit the whole community of North Edinburgh” but now they are taking it back.


There will be a Silent Protest outside Craigroyston High School from 2:00pm – 4:00pm Thursday 26th May, come and join to much has been taken away from our community, we want it to stay.

We ask why was the Community not consulted?

We ask our local Elected Members to stop this action immediately!!


Minute notes from meeting 17.05.16

Muirhouse Millennium Centre – 7:00pm (Unapproved)


In attendance; R Douglas, J Davidson, G Burrows, Cllr V Redpath, PC S Hall

Apologies; Cllr Day, Cllr Jackson, P Alexander, D McGarrie


  1. Adoption of last meetings minute notes of 19.04.16 – moved JD seconded RD
  2. Matters arising; 4.2 JD has arranged a walk about meeting of the park area on 19.5.16 – all members invited. Members of TRIM and a MHA rep have been invited also.  Attending this walk about are; Cllr Hinds and M Rudden from NELO.

JD – requests to invite Alex Cole Hamilton MSP to visit the community centre and a future Community Council meeting. /action JD,RD

  1. -Notice of 20mph Zone rolling out in Forth Ward in March 2017. PC Hall was asked to comment on Policing this new rule. She mentioned the Police Scotland is making officers aware of this. More information can be found on edinburgh.gov.uk/20mph

-CEC Weekly Planning Lists; do members want e/mailed all lists or just when Forth Ward is listed, members agree the later. See item 7 re Cllr Redpath on St Paul’s update

-Received a room rental invoice from MMC /agreed to pay

  1. No Treasurers Report ; awaiting statements /action RD
  2. Police Report;

-Motor bike joy riding they Police are doing their best to curtail and catch those involved. Police request the public to continue phoning them and also if they can identify the perpetrators all information will be confidential.

-House breakings close to cycle paths are increasing and are being patrolled regularly

-Stats; crime figures are down 13.5% on 5 year average, 22.4% on previous year. House breaking down 33% on last year

-New Chief Inspector for N/W Jimmy Jones and in Drylaw Police station Insp Stevie Sutherland

-JD asked about statement in Evening News that Community Policing is to be cut. Cllr Redpath went on to state the CEC contract with the Police in our local community is a discussion which is currently taking place. Cllrs see the need for Community Police to be kept in place.

-JD asked about an incident last week involving a stolen vehicle which hit a fence on the drive where young children were playing but a fatal accident was avoided, this time. It had taken 40 minutes for Police to attend the accident.

-RD asked about safety of empty Silverlea complex – there have been a few incidents they have been involved with, including stolen motor bikes hidden on the property.

  1. Action Groups; JD distributed copies of last IMP meeting.
  2. Cllrs open discussions;

– St Paul’s , has not reached planning yet, objectors should be notified when it will.

-RD is the site safe; secure should the owner be made to flatten the site as a risk walls could fall down. Police say they have been called to a couple of calls but not serious. Cllr RP continued- Still discussion about the need of such accommodation type in the area as the city has more student accommodation being built than single accommodation for social rent. Cllr RP there should be a mix on these sites and should be at St Paul’s offering other type of accommodation.  Urban Union will be building pensioner type accommodation on Muirhouse Avenue in the future.

-Silverlea , no buyers yet of this site?

-Schools – Independent Enquiry shall go ahead / not costing the CEC

JD asked about sessional workers on Zero Contracts with the Council like classroom assistants not getting paid – / action Cllr RP to get back to JD

– Next Year Council Elections – still waiting for confirmation on new boundary moves.

-MMC why does the centre not get any Children and Families funding as it does outstanding work with Children. JD money the centre received from Cashback for Communities was awarded to MMC but Total Craigroyston took the most of it. / Action CLLR RP

  1. AOCB

– NONE   but members were intrigued by a story from one member who missed their bus on Pennywell Rd whilst running to catch it, was kindly offered a lift by a passing motorist which they accepted and was able to travel to get in front of the bus.   Not Many random Acts of Kindness in Muirhouse these days or is there?

Muirhouse & Salvesen Community Council

Minute notes from meeting 19.04.16

Muirhouse Millennium Centre  – 7:00pm (approved)


Present: R Douglas, J Davidson, J Brash, D McGarrie , G Davie

Apologies; P Alexander, M Templeton, G Burrows


  1. Chairperson R Douglas welcomed every body particularly welcomed the two new Community Councillors. Other attendees introduced themselves.
  2. There were no matters arising from previous minute note.
  3. Nominations for vacant posts of Secretary and Treasurer. New members felt it was too soon to jump in at the deep end and will decide at a later date.
  4. Action Groups – current groups members attend were discussed.

-JD re potholes in the roads/ action NELO

– JD suggested a joint meeting with TRIM re a walkabout on the estate with Council Officers / action JD

  1. Future meetings – as per scheduled and agreed
  2. Correspondence – read and passed on
  3. Treasurers Report – RD presented a brief of spend upto Jan 28th 2016 = £1907.32 requested approval of payment to MMC £35.00 for rental / agreed . Bal =£1872.32. RD stated he would gather the accounts which need to be scrutinised by independent Accountant. RD will speak to Muirhouse Housing Assoc if they can assist, as they have done in the past.
  4. No Police Report
  5. No Action Group reports
  6. No Local Councillors reports
  7. AOCB – none presented.
  8. Date of next meeting – 17.05.16
  9. Meeting closed at 8:15 pm