Minutes from the Muirhouse & Salvesen community council meeting,
18th March 2014, Muirhouse Millennium community Centre @ 7pm


1. Apologies: Cllr V Redpath & B Stevenson
2. Present: R. Douglas (Chair), A. Blezard (Secretary), J. Moore, G. Burrows, M. Templeton, W. Adams, Cllr C Day, J. Davidson
3. Minutes from previous meeting – P – M. Templeton, S – J. Moore
(at this point the Chair asked that absent members (3 or more meetings) should be written to and reminded of their duty to attend CCouncil meetings and if unable to send apologies)
3a. Matters arising – M. Burrows proposed change – M. Templeton was omitted from present.
   b.Item 6, Recycle bins have been set on fire. Cllr Day reported that hedges have also been set on fire in Drylaw and that police will increase patrols. W. Adams pointed out that no increase of police presence is noticeable. Cllr Day said that teams have been drafted in from Strathclyde police to help increased patrol in this (Muirhouse, Pilton & Drylaw) area. This area has one of the highest levels of youth crime in East Central Scotland. W. Adams said he’d witnessed the arson of bushes and bins in the area. It seems to be the same crowd of youths who seem to be carrying out these crimes and disturbances. The Chair suggested he e-mail local community groups & police to arrange a meeting to discuss primarily the youth problems. Cllr Day said that £2.6m has been assigned to the local police force though the current agreement hasn’t as yet been signed off. This is a service level agreement – citywide. W. Adams suggested that some accountability is required.
  c. Discussion on use of CCTV – Graham Drummond is the main contact for CCTV Services in Edinburgh. A new agreement has just been signed for increased CCTV coverage. Perhaps now is the time to make contact with Mr Drummond and pressure him for more CCTV in the area?
J Davidson said there was a CCTV suite in Northfield Court but is not sure if it is still patent. Action Roy to e-mail, Seconded by W Adams

4.The Chair recently e-mailed City Councillors regarding the use of the park. Roy will send a follow-up e-mail as he hasn’t had a reply as yet. Roy to action
Mr Mcvean was unable to attend this evening’s meeting; the secretary will re-invite Mr Mcvean. Alison to Action

5.City Cllr C Day Report –
Planning Permission has been granted for site 10, former CCH, building will commence in June 2014.
The community HC consultation will come out in a month or so giving people (community etc.) only 2 days to respond.
The number of racist attacks has risen in the area. The Forth Task Group, Cllr Day & Cllr Redpath have recognised 10 families that are currently being worked with to no avail.       The families are predominantly in Pilton & Muirhouse. The task group will have a ZERO TOLERANCE stance. W Adams said the school teachers are doing the best they can. There are groups of children within the school who are in contest with each other. Things being planned within the school by the Children but the teachers are unsure how the information is being passed to them to act upon. Some of the children have been seen and told off by the teachers but the kids don’t take them seriously.
What can be done? Intervention from the community,  an anti-racist campaign, which would be put into the school to educate pupils about anti-racism.  Cllr Day says the headmaster of CCHS, Steve Ross, is doing a fantastic job with ruling the school. Cllr Day & W Adams will approach Steve Ross CCHS Headmaster.
J. Moore asked Cllr Day about mid-market rent, clarifying that the upper wage limit is £36k Jan asked if the tenant lost their job would they lose their home – Cllr Day explained that this would not happen, that the upper limit  for Housing Benefit is £500m so that amount would be paid towards the rent.
W. Adams questioned what % of the new housing is using ‘green energy’, and is there any community directive for there to be ‘other’ energy systems? Cllr Day asked why a big boiler isn’t available to all; each house has its own. (Flats?) 
Urban Union would like to take a group through to Glasgow to see their flagship site re; efficient energy.
M. Templeton mentioned the homes diagonally opposite to the Millennium Centre with different cars every few days. Cllr Day said he’s look into it. Action Cllr day
M. Templeton asked if a closure had been sought re the sexual assault in Gypsy Brae recently. No one had any further information.
The chair asked J. Davidson if there is a response to the refurbishment of the low-rise. JD said yes the tenants are delighted with the windows – triple glazing, and the insulation.
Cllr Day – a report to be out in April will say that gas central heating will be provided to multi storey blocks. 
Cllr Day left the meeting at 20.00hrs
5a.Treasury report – Chair, £1023.53 in the account. Expenses to The Chair of £17.92, £97.27 for Fidra Court Kitchen project, leaving a balance of £788.19, however x2 bills for £36ea for MMCC are now to be paid.
  b,M&SCC still require another signatory for their account. W. Adams agreed to become the co-signatory – Action – Roy & Wullie

6. Correspondence

a. Pilton community Health Project – their activities this Friday, 21st March.
b,  Eileen Hewitt – ‘How to apply for a grant’ workshops are being held all over the city. The date, Thurs 10th April, 5-6.30pm in Drumbrae Library.
c,Dog fouling – a meeting on dog fouling to be held in the North Office, suggested date Wed 2nd April @ 13.30 for all local groups to attend.
JD – Save the children have donated £8000.00 pounds for children’s play equipment to be Forth Ward Children’s groups. Dog fouling is preventing any play events taking place.
d,Network Rail meeting – 28th March, Apex Hotel, Waterloo Place @ 09.30 @ 11.30am.
e,CCouncil insurance is due – public liability. Previous insurance has been through Zurich insurance and usually about £40, a grant received from the council is usually used to pay for this.

7.Police Scotland

– information on the new counter services opening times by e-mail.

8. Other business

-J. Moore – the forms for the wormery need to be returned (composting).

-The secretary explained she gets an e-mail through weekly for the weekly planning lists and asked if she should be doing anything about them? The chair explained that if any of the community councillors would like to be sent the weekly planning list to let Alison know. M. Templeton & J. Moore asked to be sent the e-mail.


9. Action groups –
a,NP – J Moore – No report. Unsure as to when meetings are held, Rd was sending info to wrong e/mail addrress
b,IMP (Improvement of Muirhouse & Pennywell)
M. Templeton – Travelling people, what will the council be doing about them?
W. Adams ‘we have always had a good relationship with the travelling people even pre Muirhouse times. They are a tradition in the community which should be encompassed. We have never had a meeting or dialogue with them on any level.
Eviction takes time legally; an agreement with the council gives them rubbish clearance and toilet facilities.

Other discussion
a,There has been no reply as yet to the issue of making the large metal bins secure to prevent tipping over. There is fly tipping outside Fidra Court. The rubbish includes an old couch as well as household rubbish.  We need to set up a meeting with the waste management & Recycling dept. to discuss the problem.
b,NthEdinComNews – are looking to start up a newsletter, the feeling is it will conflict with the already successful NEN. This new production paper is advertising alcohol. Advertising alcohol to an area where alcohol is a major problem makes it a problem. How can they promote the sale of alcohol when also trying to promote ‘healthy living’?
M&SCC voices that the North Edinburgh Community News is in conflict with the NEN and its services to the community.
 c, Forth ward CC meeting was to be planned to produce a forum type meeting, but response from other CC’s was poor.RD to further contact the other CC chairpersons
d,GB – If an event is being done, MECOPP (Minority Ethnic Carers of Older People Project) could possibly put up a story board about the gypsy travellers & their lifestyle?                                                                                                                                                       e. Adams mentioned again the mosaics that need to be removed and stored. Wullie asked how they are going to be removed; he knows where the support screws are and can dismantle if he had access to the building. Once permission is sought to view & remove they need to be stored before placing them in a permanent place of which the community should decide.


The meeting closed at 21.00

Muirhouse & Salvesen Community Council meeting,

Muirhouse Millennium Community Centre Tuesday 15th April @ 7pm



1. Apologies
2. Present
Invited Guests – David Knox
3. Minutes from the previous meeting    Prop-                       Sec-
3a). Matters arising
4. Treasury report
5. Correspondence
a) DKnoxx –
b) NHS Lothian – Proposed Pharmacy in Muirhouse Shops
6. City Cllr Report
7. Police Report
8. Action Groups – NP                                     
9. AOB
10. Date of next meeting 20th May 2014

WEDNESDAY 2 APRIL 2014 – 3pm-7pm  - 


Cllr Day invites you to a drop-in session in the North Edinburgh Arts Centre.  This will run from 3pm to 7pm, with a buffet and prize draw, and its focus is to consider the progress that has been made on the North West Edinburgh Partnership Centre (NWEPC).  This is an opportunity for all interested members of the community to see the plans for the NWEPC and ask questions about both the building itself and the environment around it.  Our architects have been looking at the area around the proposed NWEPC, the library, arts centre, the mall and Pennywell Road.  We are developing the existing masterplan in more detail and want to talk to people who live and work in the area so that we know what’s important to you.  Please pass on the word and encourage as many local people as possible to drop in and get informed.

We recieved this e/mail from the BBC – no spoof;

BBC One are looking for people who live in interesting homes in Muirhouse Salvesen and across Edinburgh and would be happy to try a home swap holiday for a new TV series.

Do you live in an interesting home you’d be happy to swap with someone elsewhere in the UK for a short break?

It could be anything from a charming cottage, a period house, to a modern apartment!


For an application form please email Kieran.mccarthy@bbc.co.uk with your contact details


The add;


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Enjoy a unique holiday experience in a stunning part of Britain…

Do you live in an interesting home you’d be happy to swap with someone elsewhere in the UK for a short break?

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-          Want a UK two-day break and chance to discover a new area?

-          Like the idea of a house swap holiday, but have never tried it?


For an application form or an initial chat please email Kieran.mccarthy@bbc.co.uk with your contact details 

Crime Event Summary updated

Since our Youth Crime Event on  1st February, there have been several new developments.

The Youth Tasking and Coordination (TAC) meeting is now taking place fortnightly. The aim of this group, which involves the police, community safety team and social work,  is to divert young people away from crime and anti-social behaviour and to ensure there is agreed action taken on young people who are offending. The Children’s Reporter has agreed to join this meeting in order to improve  communication with the Children’s Panel and to help provide clarity about when cases can be referred to the adult court system.

The Total Craigroyston Guardians Group is also meeting on a fortnightly basis in order to develop a more long term preventative plan. This involves a range of community based partners including the police, youth  and community organisations , school and social work colleagues. We have appointed an additional youth worker with funding from the Edinburgh Partnership and local partners to find ways to find new ways to divert young people away from offending as possible. We hope that he will be able to identify local people to act as mentors to assist in the work.

From our event  we have developed the attached summary which shows work that is currently underway and what partners are in the process of developing.  For example, we will be starting a  Mentors in Violence  project in the High School from August and other local organisations in the area will be encouraged to take part and adopt similar approaches. We are hoping that we can use this as the basis for a community initiative against violence and disorder. Other examples include supporting parents by running  programmes such as Teen Triple P and Pilton Youth and Children’s Project’s new POP programme for parents.

As well as the above, local elected members have raised their concerns about  the issue with senior managers within the council and the police who are supporting us in  tackling this very challenging issue.

If anyone would like further information then please contact me.

Christine Mackay | Manager – Total Craigroyston | City of Edinburgh Council | Children and Families Department | North Neighbourhood Office, 8 West Pilton Gardens, Edinburgh, EH4 4DP | Tel 0131 529 7054 | Mobile 07798862765 | email christine.mackay@edinburgh.gov.uk | www.edinburgh.gov.uk

Are you interested in Edinburgh’s parks?

We want your views on how we decide which events take place in Edinburgh’s parks and green spaces.


Find out more and complete our survey



0131 529 7955


Agenda for M&S C Council meeting Tuesday 18th March 2014 at 7pm in Muirhouse Millennium Community centre


  1. Apologies
  2. Present
  3. Minutes from Previous meeting
  4. Matters arising
  5. Treasury report
  6. Correspondence: Police Scotland Counter Provision, Network Rail Community Engagement 2014 invitation
  7. Police report
  8. City Councillor report
  9. Action group Report           – NP                                               -IMP

10. AOB

11. Date of next meeting,  15th April 2014


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